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Keep an Eye on Belarus

In 2017, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko could be an important factor in upcoming Eurasian affairs.  Belarus’ geographical position and historically pro-Russian policies has made the country a reliable partner for Moscow.  President Lukashenko has actually been referred to as the ‘last … Continue reading

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Energy as a Weapon

Russia has utilized the same strategy for decades in order to keep its influence among neighboring countries.  Russia’s strategy uses subsidized oil to lure economically weak states into business with Moscow.  Once a country gets accustomed to the cheap energy prices provided … Continue reading

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Putin-it into perspective

After listening to President-elect Trump’s cabinet picks describe Russia as a ‘great power’ I thought I would briefly outline Russia’s greatness.

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Warm Water Interests or Weakness?

Russia’s borders stretch from the Baltic Sea in the West to North Korea, China, and Japan in the East.  Despite Russia’s continental presence in both Europe and Asia, it still suffers from a lack of warm water military ports. 

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Minsk II Agreement or lack-thereof?

Minsk II, what is it and what is the status of the agreement?

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Putin’s Pivot to Asia?

Recently, Vladimir Putin has made an interesting turn towards some of the United States’ partners in the Pacific.

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The Shield

Recently, it was discovered that President Putin has secretly deployed 2 Iskander launching vehicles capable of deploying two 500-kilometer-range surface-to-surface missiles (SS-26) to his naval base in Latakia, Syria.  In addition to these launchers, the Kremlin has also deployed its … Continue reading

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