Keeping the Donbass Warmed Up

Only days after President Trump and President Putin spoke for the first time, the world witnessed  the Trump administration’s first foreign policy test with regards to Ukraine.  On January 31st, the Ukrainian government and the Russian backed separatists in the Donbass region exchanged fire and shelling which left 8 Ukrainians soldiers dead and 26 wounded.  

And still 3 days later, the Trump administration has failed to acknowledge or respond to the recent flare up in any meaningful way; well besides the US Treasury easing licensing sanctions against the FSB.

So what can be learned from ‘the dog that didn’t bark?’ Either the Trump administration does not respect the UN Security Council’s ‘grave concern’ over what is perceived to be a ‘dangerous deterioration’ of events in Eastern Ukraine.  Or President Trump prefers to look the other direction when it comes to the continued violation of Ukrainian sovereignty, thereby acknowledging and/or legitimizing Russia’s actions in Ukraine.


Update: UN ambassador, Nikki Haley condemned Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

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